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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Ragamuffins - Oxygen

After all this Radio Excitement, it's nice to get back to the usual this weekend. Although, the Blog is called I Don't Hear A Single, Singles are usually grouped together for review, but I have to make an exception for the new single from The Ragamuffins.

It's no coincidence that the first IDHAS Broadcast was led off by this. I consider The Ragamuffins to be the greatest thing to come out of the North West of England for a long time. David Jaggs is a great Pop writer. The band have so many different influences that it is easy to forget this.

Organ and Brass can take the band in many directions, at times a modern day Dexys. However, on the recent Big Stir Manchester show, Jaggs was not out of place amongst the California Pop. When the band strip down to pure Indie Pop, they excel.

The next album is well underway. Cause Of Causes is threatening to be the saviour of the genre and as the lead single, Oxygen tells you all you need to know. But trust me, when the album emerges it will encompass so many directions.

Oxygen is available as Name Your Price download here. I bemoan how the UK has forgotten how to make and celebrate Great Pop, The Ragamuffins are one of the exceptions to this and we should cherish and encourage them. Oxygen is a fantastic affair.

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