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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Cheap Horse - Friday Is Pizza Day

Santa Cruz trio Cheap Horse inhabit an unusual world. Friday Is Pizza Day frequents Psych, Garage and pure noise rock, but it's all so endearing. In 22 minutes, you get 13 songs, almost sound track like, but it's all a wonderful cacophony.

Night Shift Rock could be Michigan Garage Rock from 1969. all shouty, yet Pony Farm is great Psych. Everything is so beautifully brief. The vocals are virtually in another room, not particularly fashionable these days, but welcome in a world when everyone wants to be Nada Surf.

The closer, Motel Party is a rocking joy but ends so suddenly as a lot of the songs do. Sometimes you do wish there was a bit more, but then you are engrossed in what comes next. Janitor Starship is the type of thing you'd expect to hear on the splendid Megadodo label. It has a really heavy riff with a subdued vocal.

California Jangle is threatened on Wet Blanket, almost trippy West Coast. The whole album is chaotic, refreshingly so and it's available as a Name Your Price, so you have little to lose. I don't hear much around like this. It's very inventive. I'm not sure that everyone will find this as uplifting as I do, but I know many who will.

You can listen to and download the album here.


  1. really enjoyed this one as well. thanks for the heads up. reminds me a bit of the band connections, also available on bandcamp.

  2. Yeah I see that. I like The Connections too