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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Daystar - The Complete Recordings

Daystar's debut album is wonderfully and unashamedly 70's. It feels like a lost album from that period beginning at Glam Rock and Punk, bringing back memories of UK Music shows on Kids TV. The 3 2 1 of Supersonic, the glitter of Top Of The Pops.

The Complete Recordings doesn't register as a pastiche, it feels actually of its time and the album title reinforces this opinion. It's in cahoots with those great 70's Pop Rocks. Think Badfinger, Pilot, Jigsaw and Liverpool Express. There is a definite UK feel to the album, although that may be because the country was so dominate in the melodic pop of the era.

The quartet from Portland, Oregon are not just about this Brit sound though. There are hints of West Coast and Southern Rock, but everything they play is beautifully played and arranged. This also sounds like a proper album, something to listen to from start to finish. It is ideal for a Vinyl, or I should say LP, release. Thankfully it has one.

As stated, The Complete Recordings is pure 70s, but it isn't stuck in one gear or style. Right At Home is Glitter Band Glam stomp. A Lot To Love is Doolin' Dalton Soft Rock, Angeline is Badfinger to a tee. Ballad Of Sister Sadie May is Country Rock of the highest order.

Warped Reality is splendidly laid back with a haunting riff, Get Yourself Away is another example of sadness wrapped in great melody. It's West Coast Rock at it's finest. Angelina is the big piece, the Guitar sounds very Dark Side Of The Moon. This album really is a comfort blanket in these harsher times.

Daystar have provided an outstanding opening album. It knows what it wants to do and goes off and does it to perfection. Many dabble and have a go at this sort of Pop Rock. Few master it. These four have and this will be high up in my Best Of 2019 list. It's Exceptional.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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