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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Macseal - Super Enthusiast

I've often said that bands from the EMO and Pop Punk field are the most impressive, interesting and innovative when they stretch out from the genre. If they can stand the Sell Out accusations, the material takes on a whole new life.

Such an example is New York quartet, Macseal. Three great EPs have led to this debut album. Those EPs were primarily EMO, but the time spent has developed into Super Enthusiast and what a varied left field Indie album this is. Tip Top is the word to describe it.

Comparisons come naturally, but the band seem equally at ease with IRS College Rock as Glasgow C86 and UK New Wave. All this and there is more than a hint of light Grunge and complex prog like time chord changes at times. There is also a hint of Dream Pop.

Confused? Don't Be. Just listen! There's a real slacker feel to Nothing's A Sure Thing, Shelley. but that song enjoys a Postcard label like riff. Compare the moody Picture Perfect with it's a Killer solo to the Safe Spot, a hybrid, say The Raincoats doing Math Rock.

It's the Pop and hooks that shine through most though. Lucky For Some has a jangly catch all feel, Always Hazy is inspired Flower Pop. Irving feels all Friday I'm In Love sound wise. These hooks combined with the complexity, almost Modern Prog, of Mystery Inc.

So much is packed into these 11 songs. Super Enthusiast is an outstanding debut. Whatever Indie is, it should be this. I look forward to hearing much more from macseal. I can't recommend this album highly enough.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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