Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Big Nothing - Chris

I love the Big Nothing album, but need to get something off my chest first. I'm so tired of seeing lazy comparisons. The new XTC, the new Nada Surf, the new Jellyfish blah blah blah. Lately, apparently, everyone sounds like The Replacements, except very few do.

Big Nothing have conjured up a fine album, full of big riffs, so why are all the Yank Reviews showering this Mats comparison everywhere. Big Nothing sound nothing remotely like The Replacements. They have a far keener commercial edge.

The Philadelphia Quartet offer up an album that feels very 90's Alt Indie College Rock, but Power Pop seems to be trying to burst out. The Hooks are many and the fact that all four band members rotate the lead vocals adds an unexpected variety.

Liz Parsons comes across as half Shirley Manson, half Rachel Sweet to provide some great Girl Guitar Pop, but the band's versatility easily lends itself to tinges of EMO and IRS era Indie. Autopilot, for instance, jangles like Glasgow in the late 80's.

Can't Stop has an Everything Flows riff, Always Prepared is pure 90's Power Pop Rock, think Matthew Sweet. Real Name is crossover Punk Pop, reminiscent of the better bands of that ilk. Waste My Time is a little REM.

All in all, Chris has far more in comparison with the first couple of Teenage Fanclub albums and I can think of no greater compliment. Mats it isn't! This album is a fine listen, it doesn't let up across all 11 tracks and why should it?

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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