Sunday, 9 June 2019

Criminal Hygiene - Run It Again

Los Angeles's Criminal Hygiene offer up their second album and it's wonderfully loose. This is a real riff-athon, even when the band slows things down on the likes of Thankless, the song is still built on a riff and a singalong chorus.

I've talked about lazy comparisons in the past and it seems hip at the moment to compare bands to The Replacements. However, this is pretty close, although the songs are less chaotic and a  little more structured that The Mats.

There is a sort of UK New Wave Rhythm that underpins the songs, no bad thing and this is never more so on Rearrange Me. Private Screening Heroin has an Another Girl, Another Planet Feel, particularly the riff, but Greetings From A Postcard has a real Jangle about it.

Run It Again isn't just a heads down up and at 'em affair, there are nearly as many slower songs as wilder numbers, but it's fair to say that the band are at their most enjoyable when they let loose with the album opening duo of Hardly News and Breaking Out The Stained Glass.

Young And Obscene is almost 12 bar Blues and Turpentine is two songs in one, switching halfway into a paint stripper of a closing track. All But Your Swansong is probably the stand out and also when they sound most Mats like.

Run It Again is a fine listen, really enjoyable. You can listen and buy it here.


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