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Thursday, 6 June 2019

I Don't Hear A Single Volume 70

Audio Time as we hit Episode 70. You will hear 20 fine examples of tunes. Thanks to Tom Dahl for pointing me in the direction of the above image.

There is a four second watermark at the beginning of each, this is because I'm using the software as a trial whilst Jim is out of action. If I do them permanently, I will find the best program to buy.

The playlist details are on here and by clicking the Mixcloud tab. You can listen to the previous IDHAS Audio Extravaganzas on Mixcloud here.

Number 70 is ready to tingle your ears. The playlist is as follows  :

01 Ash - Envy
02 Middle Kids - Beliefs & Prayers
03 The Anderson Council - Our Worlds Collide
04 Alex Lahey - I Don't Get Invited To Parties Anymore
05 Traffik Island - Queens Park
06 The Cringe - Time is Moving On
07 The Glow - Lose
08 Doug Tuttle - But Not For You
09 Richard Hawley - Alone
10 Armstrong - Gratitude
11 Geoff Palmer - Cha-Ching
12 Beauty In Chaos - Drifting Away Featuring Robin Zander
13 Louise Connell - Ten Feet Tall
14 Sewage Farm - Misery Loves Company
15 Cloud Eleven - One Big Hideaway
16 Sacred Paws - Almost It
17 School Of Language - Rocket Man
18 Blue Jeans - Adult Hits
19 The Laissez Fairs - Phantom Stranger
20 Robert Jeffery - Don't Give Them Any Reaction

IDHAS Volume 70 Mixcloud Link

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