Sunday, 23 June 2019

Louise Connell - Squall Echo Rale

I'm more known for the promotion of chiming riffs and big choruses, so a few of you may be surprised that I'm raving so much about Airdrie's Louise Connell's new album. Well, there are times that you want to listen something that isn't as loud, particularly when it's this well done.

Her 2016 debut, Straw Woman, under the pseudonym Reverieme is great, but Album Number 2, takes things on a pace. There will be obvious comparisons, they come boringly naturally when you are Scottish, but that shouldn't detract from what is a fine album.

19 songs is a lot of music, but when the quality is there, who's counting? The album is essentially a combination of the three EPs that were on Pledge Music before it's demise and you wouldn't want to miss out would you if the set were cut down?

Connell has a wonderful set of pipes, the gentleness of that voice is her greatest strength, but when she lets loose, she can really let loose, Careful Unplanned, for instance has a wonderful hook. Where I'm From is a real favourite of mine, a sort of cross between Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega.

There are some wonderful arrangements here, particularly the string arrangements from Stuart MacLeod. I have no doubt that the opening two songs will get the most attention particularly the Psych Pop like Rope. Although both are exceptional, there is real depth to all that follows them.

Connell is a really talented songwriter, something that shouldn't get overlooked. There will be comparisons to KT Tunstall and Amy Macdonald, which should be taken as the compliments that they are. But this is essentially a Louise Connell album and this should be praised as that.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You should! Finally, if the artwork looks familiar, well it's by James Marsh of Talk Talk's Spirit Of Eden fame.


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  1. Delightful record, Don, yet another I'd have never discovered without you!