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Monday 14 October 2019

A.C.T - Rebirth

Malmo's A.C.T. have been around for 15 years and they should be bigger. This 22 minute, five song, offering may do the trick. The Five Piece are lumped in with the Prog brigade and even more bizarrely Metal, yet this is much closer to Pop Rock.

I compare them more to early City Boy, maybe even Styx. They are far too chorus led and hook laden to be Prog and the impression is that they don't take themselves too seriously. In just five songs here they show off their versatility. They can do it all, AOR, Symphonic Rock, Straight Ahead Pop with only the odd hint of Modern Prog.

More modern similarities would be a less serious Vegas In Randolph or less showy V Sparks. Running Out Of Luck reveals what the band do best with it's constant changing kitchen sink joy. Meet The Past is top notch Pop Rock with a Andy Summers Police break.

A Broken Trust is almost AOR, maybe even Yes 90125. The Ruler Of The World id definitely in Dinner At The Ritz territory. I'm not sure that Digital Affair works, yes it is different, but if there is a Styx comparison, then this is their Mr Roboto.

Four Out Of Five Songs is a great pass rate and Rebirth is a hugely enjoyable listen. The band have a fantastic Live Reputaion, it'd be great to see them in the UK. Highly Recommended! Rebirth is available everywhere including Amazon UK here and the band's website here.


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