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Monday 14 October 2019

The Injured Parties - Product Placement

The easiest way to describe Chicago's The Injured Parties is with the word Fun. There's a real warmth across these 11 stories, laced with wit, accompanied by what are Indie Guitar Pop arrangements. These are songs to smile with, lovingly played.

Larry O.Dean's vocals come across as something between Fred Schneider and They Might Be Giants. The lyrics concentrate on the banal without ever being boring. In fact they make dull subjects all the more interesting. That smile is forever etched on your face.

Perhaps there is a twee feel at times, but that's always endearing and the arrangements vary from the Indie Rock of Murder The Truth to the Pop gem of Bangkok. Song Titles like Frosted Flakes and Totally Naked Celebrities tell you all you need to know about the fun element.

Yet these songs are not throwaways, they are intelligently arranged with all the hooks and relevant jangles. I Let Myself Go is a moody closer, self critical and provides an opposite angle from all that you've heard before. Product Placement is a joy to listen to and you can't say that often enough these days.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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