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Monday 14 October 2019

Big Eyes - Streets Of The Lost

There's been a fair bit of activity on IDHAS today, but none has been particularly in the usual territory, so it's best to end on more familiar ground. Kait Eldridge has been leading Big Eyes for almost a decade through various line up changes.

Being back in New York, fronting a four piece version of the band, seems now to be nailing it. Big Eyes have a foot in Power Pop, albeit Noisy Power Pop. although that would be tagging them too simplistically. A  song like When Midnight Comes, for instance, is wonderfully shouty.

There's a Garage Rock looseness at times particularly on When Midnight Comes and even a CBGB's vibe on Try Hard Kiss Ass and a whole lot of sass on Young Dumb And Bored which borders on The Slits. It's the Guitar Pop that floats my boat most.

At The Top is riff-o-rama and Lucky You is a killer song. But the early Blondie-ish, Suddenly Nowhere is equally appealing. The Ridenour brothers certainly ensure that there's nothing samey or sit down here. Streets Of The Lost is real shake yer fist joy.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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