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Monday 7 October 2019

Foggy Tapes - Cogito Ergo Fog

Foggy Tapes are a quartet from Toulouse and they specialise in wonderful 60's Psych Pop, a genre usually found more in Canterbury and Medway. There are some fine three part harmonies to accompany this splendid set of songs.

Cogiti Ergo Fog is lo-fi, but done in such an effective way that it seems this is deliberate and the result is pure charm. You can hear Surf and Beat Pop bursting to get out. Can't I Stay In Bed All Day is almost Everly Brothers.

Days To Come is a cross between Surf and Spaghetti Western. That Surf expands even further on Mist From Above. There's a Telstar Space Age feel to Here Comes The Fog. The poppiest that the album gets is Good Old Gods which borders on Herman's Hermits.

Cogito Ergo Fog sounds nothing like France, more like a ferry across the channel. The 60's sound is authentically done and Foggy Tapes bring a real charm to proceedings. This is Medway Pop at it's most apt, really enjoyable.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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