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Thursday 3 October 2019

Radio75 - Songs For Celine

I'm used to hearing great Power Pop and Garage Rock from Spain, but Barcelona's Radio75 reside far more in Classic Rock Territory and verge on AOR and even Modern Prog. The choruses are big, as is the sound. This is a fine debut album.

First and foremost, this five piece major on the melodic. At times there's a hint of Pop Rock, Nonsense sounds very ELO Part II and it adds a great Guitar Solo. Time To Relax has the aforementioned Modern Prog feel and they do this so well.

Something to Learn goes almost Radiohead, but doesn't always work, largely due to the unnecessary Drum Programming. It's a shame, because there is a fine riff later in the song. Waves is the big Brit Pop closer and is exemplary,this again ends with a Prog feel and I definitely get the opinion that this is the best direction for the band.

.However, Celine is a cracking Pop Song, Fleetwood Mac-ish with a stomping chorus and the single, Junkie Cowards is a fine anthem with it's AOR chorus. There's a lot here to like. Songs For Celine is a really accomplished debut album. I look forward to what comes next.

You can find out more about the band and listen to the album here.


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