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Tuesday 29 October 2019

I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Volume 83

Volume 83 of the Audio Extravaganza is ready for your attention.  21 of IDHAS's favourite songs this week, all with shiny new stickers on them. A reminder that these episodes are compiled with great care. The aim is to produce a sort of mix tape. Hopefully this will be the soundtrack to your day.

I've also learned that if you use the mixcloud player at the bottom of this page, each song title is shown as it plays.

The Audi Extravaganza regularly appears in Mixcloud's Global Indie Charts, so here is your chance to see what all the fuss is about. The playlist is below and will also be in the comments section of the Mixcloud page. Thanks as always to Jim Moody for his technical excellence

You can listen to the previous IDHAS Audio Extravaganzas on Mixcloud here.

01 Norman - Hell You Are
02 Ben Vogel - Lazy Saturday
03 Nick Frater - What Does Good Look Like
04 Bill Lloyd And The Tallymen - Boy King Of Tokyo (Live)
05 Burne Holiday - Royal Bones
06 The BOTP Band - Somebody Made For Me
07 Tuff Sunshine - We Seal Every Deal With A Kiss
08 Fastball - The Girl You Pretended To Be
09 Hovvdy - Cathedral
10 Dude York - Should've
11 Råttanson - Rathole Guest
12 Sonny & The Sunsets - A Bigger Picture
13 The Lilac Time - The River Runs Both Ways
14 Wade Johnson - When Will It End
15 Mikal Cronin - I've Got Reason
16 Basement Revolver - Master's Degree
17 David James Situation - Isn't It Time
18 Twen - Damsel
19 Science Is Fiction - Awkward Girl
20 Good Days - Blue
21 Cary Grace - Sacrifice (Radio Edit)

IDHAS Audio Extravaganza Volume 83 Mixcloud Link 


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