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Wednesday 2 October 2019

Chris Alvy - Back To Square One

There's something wonderfully 70's about Chris Alvy's Back To Square One. It feels very English, a reminder of the likes of Jigsaw, Pilot, Stealers Wheel etc. The songs are beautifully constructed to provide a laid back groove.

Alvy has quite a back story, he's an ex Major League Baseball Player who turned to his preference, music. Many of you will be aware of him via The Super Fuzz's superb 2015 album, Super Famous, but he's been around a lot longer through various projects, none of which have disappointed.

Don't expect any breaking out here, there's no big riffs. In a lot of ways the comparison is Jellyfish or The Raspberries. The songs are really melodic and arranged to perfection, but provide a wide variety of styles, whilst always reminding you of days gone by.

 Smoke A Cigarette is pure Stealers Wheel, Fly Away is early Eagles and Dreams is pure Marmalade. Tonight reminds me a lot of the great Piano Singer Songwriters, certainly John Howard. It's That Time Again is a corking optimistic jaunt.

There is even Lounge Jazz on One More Moment and Country Rock on The Avenger. Just Stand bounces along with it's strumming jollity and Walk With Me is a brave album opener with it's slow tempo, but it's a cracking song.

The main plus point of Back To Square One is how optimistic the album is. There is way too much misery written about lately and this upbeat affair is exactly what is needed. In it's own gentle way, this album is a splendid offering.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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