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Thursday 24 October 2019

Dead Soft - Big Blue

Vancouver BC's Dead Soft have promised much with the three lead up singles and their debut expands on this promise. The trio of Nathaniel Epp, Keeley Rochon and Alex Smith make a good deal of noise, all of it is well aimed.

The band have been compared a lot to the Indie Rock and Grunge of the US early 90's, but it isn't as simple as that. There's plenty of Power Pop and Indie Pop here, but the emphasis is on the Fuzz. A song like Step Out reveals what they do best.

Step Out starts as Intelligent Pop in the region of The Sugarplastic or fellow Cannuck's, The Pursuit Of Happiness before it explodes into a sort of Soundgarden affair. I Believe You has more in common with C86, certainly Glasgow Indie, even Teenage Fanclub.

Tulips motors along, driven by Rochon's Peter Hook like Bass lines. Problems is suitably noisy Power Pop, think The Replacements. Snake is in slow Nirvana territory. The album works best when it quietens down a little.

Rochon's vocal on the The Static works beautifully as good as any Brit Pop female vocal led band. Whatever is achingly addictive, you can sense the regrets. The general impression of Big Blue is Grunge, but it's done in an endearing and melodic way. This is a fine debut album.

You can buy or listen to the album at any of the links here.


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