Saturday, 3 September 2016

Merry Widows - Password EP

I know reviewers who are desperate to be the first at everything, sit counting how many likes a "competitor" gets on Facebook and reciprocates them by sticking pins in a doll. It's not like that in the Power Pop world. We all just want to bring Power Pop to the masses and every little bit helps. It may be a pipe dream, but it's our pipe dream.

I have every admiration for what Wayne does at Icecreamman Powerpop And More Records. His releases open up the Power Pop world to all.

I'm delighted to report that Wayne has released the Merry Widows reunion EP, Password. If ever a band deserved some acknowledgement it's Merry Widows.

To only have the Waltz EP to their name before this is criminal. Wollongong's finest were looked upon as the new Go-Betweens and their brand of Folk Pop made that a fair assessment. Indeed, David Beniuk went on to an impressive solo Folk career, whilst brother Johnno played in the likes of The Stems.

Triple J loved the band and loads of decent support slots amazingly didn't break the band. Well their back and this 5 track EP is just fantastic jingly harmonic pop. It's pop with a capital P.

The band always had more in common with the UK than Australia, something that could also be argued about for The Go-Betweens. Perhaps that's why they never broke Oz. Password is pure UK Pop, fitting in with The likes of The La's, Cast, Northern Uproar and the part of Madchester that wasn't sorted and E'd up. Railway Children springs to mind.

Sky And The Sea is pure La's, White Pointer could be Roddy Frame. The Trumpet on Another Also Ran reminds me of Dodgy when they used Brass. All five songs stand up beautifully, but the gem is the closer, My Beautiful Girl Harbour, a jangly Go-Between of a tune.

An outstanding return.I was absolutely delighted to hear that they were back. Some reunions don't work and leave a lingering sadness, not this one. It's a splendid EP and I can't recommend it enough.

Well done all!

You can buy the EP here and you jolly well should.

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