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Friday, 30 September 2016

Tuns - Tuns

Tuns are a supergroup, a supergroup once of the Halifax underground scene, Most followers here will be most familiar with Sloan's Chris Murphy. He's joined by Inbreds' Mike O'Neill and Matt Murphy from Super Friendz. So what you'd expect is some early 90's College Radio sounds. Not a bit of it. This is great Power Pop.

Throw It All Away has far more in common with Mitch Easter Produced Power Pop from a decade earlier and there are plenty of hints of late 70's New Wave and even Merseybeat. I Can't Wait Forever is a real weepy, nothing like the individual stuff the trio are individually known for. Mind Over Matter, hand claps and all, is so 10CC like that you expect to see Graham Gouldman's face grinning at you.

Look Who's Back is 70's Glam with some great harmonies. To Your Satisfaction is a strum in Teenage Fanclub territory. Mixed Messages starts with a Mod Pop bass line and veers towards Psych Pop. Back Among Friends is bass line driven in the best traditions of 60's UK Beat with a belting Jangly solo. Lonely Life is pure Andrew Gold.

It's a short 27 minute album, but we've been through the benefits of this before, all killer no filler. Imagine if Pilot were on IRS and you'll understand how great this album is.

You can listen to the album here and you can buy it here. You should.

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