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Friday, 30 September 2016

John Howard - Across The Door Sill

This is a heads up, more than a review. John Howard's new album isn't out until early November and there will be a much fuller piece nearer the time. The album is wonderful.

It was Nick Fletcher who reminded me about John and I'm so glad he did. His 1975 album, Kid In A Big World stands up with any of time and is just as credible now. Elton John had nothing on this guy.

The Cherry Red release of As I Was Saying in 2006, reminded us all of what a talent he is. Taking It All To Heart from that album is just one example of that.

More recently, the quality control hasn't lessened. Last Year's band album, John Howard And The Night Mail is a corker. The new album is a solo affair. Across The Sill is almost Prog like in it's depth. It reminds me of Al Stewart or Roy Harper.

That voice is as sweet as ever. A master at work. So whilst you wait for my full review, here's a reminder of the joys of John Howard's I Got My Lady.

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