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Friday, 30 September 2016

Politburo - Barrington Way

Stevenson Square in Manchester was an area I knew well in the late 80's and Early 90's, mainly because I got the bus home from there. Part of the Northern Quarter, it lost most of it's Textile Industry and became a dead space.

Politburo based their studio there and developed quite an underground scene for all sorts of art. The band themselves have been around for a while. It's largely been Nick Alexander and Dom James with other musicians joining and leaving the fold.

The band developed from an angry kind of punk into an amazing Psychedelic Folk sound and their second album reinforces that. Barrington Way won't be for everyone, but the likes of Mick Dillingham and I have been preaching the benefits of Psychedelia for so long now, it may have sunk in with a few.

It's not the easiest listen to newcomers, but trust me, you will get hooked and when you do, it won't let go. Politburo are one of the best around on the scene. Psych Rock branches into folk and even at times it could be the Bonzos.

Umm, Rhombus kicks in like The Strokes but soon becomes a great Psych Pop listen. French Singer Songwriter, Chloe Sancho adds her sweet tones to the folky acoustic C'est Moi. Breeze is Psych at it's spooky best. The gem though is the title track. A sprawling 7 minute Psychedelic Rock joy, almost two songs in one.

This is a storming album, If you are a Psych fan. you'll adore it. If not, the album is available as a pay what you want, so what have you got to lose?

You can listen and buy here.

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