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Saturday, 24 September 2016

David Brookings And The Average Lookings - David Brookings And The Average Lookings

David Brookings is seven albums in with his latest album, this is the first with The Average Lookings after six excellent solo albums and it's Power Pop in the style we all love to love. Badfinger and in particular, The Monkees spring to mind. Catchy Tunes of the highest order.

Eleven great pop songs are here, but there's more to them than just trying to please those in the know. The guitar is largely jangly, but the solos are varied and incredibly good, note the weeping end to Don't Stop To Doubt Yourself or the countryish twang on This Is The Life.

Summer Pop pleases the majority of us here and there's a mass of it on offer here, but this shouldn't detract from the writing skill and David can certainly write a chorus. The Basement Room will have you singing along loudly.

The Jangle delight of Place We Can Go is at complete odds with the acoustic moody orchestrated Come Back Home. Time To Go is more traditional Power Pop with a great hook. There's even time for a jaunt into Country Territory with the excellent I'm In Love With Your Wife.

If things don't feel up to kilter, this album will chirp you up and make you realise that things ain't so bad. It's Power Pop of the highest quality and a great addition to the shelves marked "Great Pop"

You can find the details on how to buy the album here. Before you buy, you can listen to all 11 songs here.

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