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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Boys You Know - Elephant Terrible

I've been blabbing on about European Power Pop and how it largely gets ignored. Well today we have an example of a corking Austrian Band. The Boys You Know's third album is an absolute belter. It's like a noisier Teenage Fanclub.

The opener has a glam Pilot type riff all over it, really jangly, Never Home is a great start. Have a listen to Teenager Of The Year, how TFC is this?

Elephants has a wonderful lazy drawl of a vocal with great brass accompaniment, Rainy Days has a fake vinyl needle drop intro and is laid back and jazzy. Garden is almost Lou Reed in it's vibe and The Change has another glam like lead leading into more jangle. I Should Have is Jonathan Wilson like. There's a great guitar solo on Morals.

There's so much great stuff coming out from those we know at the moment, that there is a danger of not looking deeper at what's emerging. Elephant Terrible is a smashing little album. It's hooked me into finding their first two releases.

For those who like their Indie Pop a bit more moody, this will be a great addition to your collection.

You can buy the album from Amazon and it's well worth a punt.

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