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Monday, 19 September 2016

The Fleshtones - The Band Drinks For Free

When people reminisce about CBGB's, The Fleshtones get forgotten about. Thankfully they are still here and are on album no 21, four decades on. Although, there have been line up changes, Keith Streng is thankfully still around, Bill Milhizer has been there since 1980 and the four piece line up have been stable since 1990.

Yep Roc got hold of the band in 2003 and this is the seventh since. The bands brand of Garage Rock with added Farfisa organ is a joy and all through their career the songs remain joy filled and surprisingly catchy.

Through this post, I'll put up three songs from the album from their Sawyer Session. Theis 2016 offering is simply great. Everything you'd expect and more. I don't hear many bands sounding as relevant as they did in 1976.

The organ driven Rick Wakeman's Cape is organ driven good time rock and roll, The twang of Respect Our Love is fab with female vocal backing. Too Many Memories is just wall to wall fuzz. The Fleshtones can be whatever you want, Garage, Glam, The Ramones, UK Punk, Surf, rockabilly,they have it all.

Love Like A Man could be B52's or even Fred Flintstone rocking in Bedrock. Stupid Ol' Sun is pure Power Pop, The Sinner is The Fleshtones take on the Blues, How To Make A Day is a piano led song that could be on the Postcard label and the closer, Before I Go is ace, imagine Nick Cave smiling behind an organ driven 60's band.

There's so much variation, yet the album remains a good time breeze through all 12 songs. There are so many good Fleshtone albums, but this could very well be the best, a testament to their dedication and greatness,

Highly Recommended!  You can buy it on CD, Vinyl or from all the usual download sites. These are summarised here.

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