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Friday, 23 September 2016

Peter Horvath - Absolute Reality

It's largely true that wherever I go Power Pop seems to follow me. I don't mean it to, Power Pop is not the major part of my collection at ASH Towers, it's just that you get noted for it and if there was great music coming from different avenues at the moment, I'd review it, but there isn't. Guitar in mainstream music seems a dirty word at present.

I assure you all that I'm not trying to show how incredibly versatile my taste is that I decide to review a Jazz CD. I review it because it's great. Let's get it straight, I am not particularly a Jazz fan. Far from it. Too much Jazz is free form noodling paint stripping boredom. I like structure. I do however like some Piano Jazz, in fact I love Piano.

I suppose most people think of Piano as Jools Hollands' boogie woogie tedium, this album is proper Piano. Horvath has assembled a Jazz master class with support from the likes of Randy Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Ray Obeido and many more.

The playing reminds me so much of Herbie Hancock, funky, melodic, rhythmic and just enough notes, never too many. Jazz Funk is an over used word, but this is proper laid back Jazz Funk. Ten instumentals of the highest quality.

You can find out more about Peter here.  An ideal opportunity to widen your musical tastes.

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