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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Junebug - Lost Souls

Lost Souls follows hot on the heels of Pongo vs Corporate Vampires but the quality doesn't suffer. It must be something in that North Wales coastal air. Guy Latham's brooding voice is soothing in a 70's Singer Songwriter way, however the variation and humour allow Junebug to differ from some of the ten a penny stuff that's around.

The jaunty Please Don't Be Cool could be in a Glam Top 10 from 1974.

I Got Sanctioned continues the 70's comparisons, Gallagher And Lyle maybe, even hints of Medicine Head. The moody The Homebody is stripped down and delightful, A Greek Tragedy hints at Art Garfunkel. Light Sleeper is so catchy, laid back with a great little riff. The Andy Kaufman tribute sounds so REM.

The general problem with albums like this is that the lyrics can't the tunes, no problems on that score here. There is a real lyrical depth and great humour in the likes of the countryish I Lost My Wife To Candy Crush, which could easily be Paul Heaton.Then there's the sleepy It's Nice To Know You.

A truly gentle singer songwriter album, a kind of which you don't hear too often these days. Highly Recommended at the bargain price of  a fiver. You can listen to it and download it here.

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