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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bad Company - Live 1977 And 1979 (2CD)

Bad Company on I Don't Hear A Single? Not very hip is it? Well, I had to review this for elsewhere and I thought I'd add a briefer version here. I love Bad Company. Why Wouldn't I? I was a big Free and Mott The Hoople fan, so I was halfway there.

Straight Shooter remains one of my favourite albums over forty years on. A perfect example of Blues Rock that Joe Bonamassa has tried to base most of his career on. It was a four albums love, once Rodgers had gone, it wasn't Bad Company. I also don't like the reinvention of Bad Company more recently, it's not the same and Paul Rodgers has become a bit of a parody with his one for the ladiezzzzzzzzzzz act.

But here the band are superb, they are promoting their third and fourth albums, both not their strongest, but live they were ace, The sound is great and you can get this double disc for around a tenner which is a worthwhile investment for all. 1977 is the better show, simply because the Desolation Angels album was a bit dull.

Sadly no Deal With The Preacher or Wild Fire Woman, but there's plenty here to play air guitar to and the Rodgers pipes are in fine working order.

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